About me

Every story is a love letter to the heart of my reader.

Welcome, dear reader! Call me Dave. I’m an American male writer of romantic fiction (usually contemporary), currently practicing and improving my craft through writing fan fiction.

Why romance? The dream can become a reality, and this we must always keep in mind. To me, it is crafting a fantastic love story that drives my motivation. My desire is that the story of love, romance, and sensuality become your own and find a place inside your heart.

May the story of love become a part of you.

I typically write NA (new adult) romance, but this blog is my first attempt at writing vintage-era stories based on a comic-strip series. In between comic-strip stories, I may also intersperse my own original steamy flash fiction romances. I hope you enjoy them!

If you like or are interested in my work, please contact me. I love connecting with readers and other bloggers! You can send me an email through the Say Hello page on the home menu of this blog. Or leave some comments on a post.

Thanks again for visiting my blog!

Gentleman Dave