About and dedication

For my Robin, whose inspiration lives on

About Me

Greetings and welcome! Please call me Dave. That is my real name, but I enjoy writing under a pen name. In this blog, I am just the humble poet Gentleman Dave. I also go by D.A. Gardener in a more professional setting.

I write poetry as well as fiction. In the future, you can find my books/publications here on this blog site.

The pen name “gardener” refers to my mission statement as a writer and poet: to plant seeds of love and hope in the heart of my reader. To me, there is nothing more beautiful on earth than a well-watered, sun-kissed garden in full bloom. Behind the garden is the gardener: the planter, the worker, the digger, the landscaper, the creator, the craftsman of nature. But in the end, we remember not the gardener but the beauty of the garden. So I want it to be with my words and stories.

In addition to being a passionately creative person, I am also a caring and supportive friend.


Speaking of friends, this blog is dedicated to my dearest friend whom I call my Robin, who left us far too soon. Many of the poems in this blog were inspired by her. She was the one who first made me believe that I could be a real poet.

One of the important lessons I learned from our close friendship, among so many, is to use our words, if possible, to encourage and uplift. That’s exactly what she did: she always encouraged and supported me in writing and in life. I am so extremely grateful to her and miss her more than I can say in words.

The painting above reminds me of our friendship. It was exactly what we saw in each other, the freedom, innocence, and fun found only in the childlike eyes of close friends who seemed to know each other from another life.

The title of this blog is The Poet’s Love Letter. Whether romantic or inspiring, every poem within this blog is a letter written with love. May it inspire you, too. ❤


“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God,

who is sending a love letter to the world.”

– Mother Teresa