Love’s desperate embrace

Out of the water I run, To your arms, my love, Heart beating stronger, Pulse racing faster, Meeting at water’s edge, Splashing love’s desperate embrace, Wet bodies and lips merging into one.  

On soft skin

The Poet’s Kiss: My lips begin a trail At your neck and by the shoulder, Your blouse opening wider, My hands finding your heat, Yours finding mine, Turn your head, my love, Your kiss is my desire, Soft, plush, stirring, enticing.

Intimate Kiss

The Poet’s Kiss: Late at night when the world grows quiet, I take you by the hand and lead you To my sanctuary, my place of stored-up treasure. It is there where we consummate our love, There where clothes are stripped, Where tender lips touch in secret, Where our passion rises and bodies yield to…

Kiss’ longing desire

The Poet’s Kiss: As I gaze into your lovely eyes, let me feel your breath on my lips, As I embrace your elegant figure, let me feel your heat pressed to mine, As I caress your velvety skin, let me feel your most longing desire. As you close your eyes, feel my mouth kissing yours,…

Rose petals and kisses

The Poet’s Kiss: Your sensually whimsical hair between my fingers, Your soft bountiful beauty before me, Your lavish almond eyes shimmering in golden light, Your velvety lips my feast I long to devour, Your heart stirring my body, my soul, An echo of you in every part of me. As rose petals flutter to your…

Passion and kiss

The Poet’s Kiss: Your passion implores an exposé over my stifling hot frame, As your knees rise and our bodies unite, My lips cherish yours, caressing and fondling, petting and stroking, As your mouth opens wide in a gasp, My flames enter in and heat up your world.

Becoming a kiss

The Poet’s Kiss: All I want is this right here Your body on top of mine, Your legs straddling my hips, Your heat searing over my iron. Your hands running through my hair, Your angel blonde dangling over my cheek, Your lips creasing into a smile, Your mouth finding mine, Opening and pressing, Giving and…