About the comic

In its heyday, The Heart of Juliet Jones was called “America’s Favorite Romantic Comic Strip.”

I am seriously falling in love with this story comic about Eve and Juliet Jones. Back in the day when it was popular (no, I wasn’t around…), it had won several awards, including one for Best Story Strip Award! I can see why. I hope you will, too, as you continue to follow my blog posts.

Here is the skinny on The Heart of Juliet Jones:

The Heart of Juliet Jones was created in 1953 as competition to I, the leading soap-opera strip of the time. It is the collaboration of artist Stan Drake and writer Eliot Caplin, who won the Best Story Strip award by the National Cartoonists Society in 1969, 1970 and 1972.

The strip’s major characters experience romance, heartbreak and drama in the small town of Devon. Protagonist Juliet Jones is a smart, attractive, conservative woman in her 30’s whose unmarried status attracts both wanted and unwanted romantic situations. She lives with her younger sister, Eve, an impulsive vivacious woman in her 20’s. Sharing their modest yet comfortable home is their beloved father, Pop.

Credit to Comics Kingdom for this outstanding comic!