Lavishing a little kindness

The Thrilling Conclusion of Juliet’s Trucker Romance 

Immediately after Hilary high-tailed out of town with Iggy the jailbird, Stacy Bell steamed hotter than a kettle boiling over. His first instinct was to race after her in his brightly-polished Benz and give her and that punk a taste of his one-two. Julie was invariably the pacifier and instead of the violent response, Stacy took to skulking about for a week while his daughter disappeared to who-knows-where to do you-know-what with we-know-who.

Julie stuck around out of consequence, consoling Stacy and becoming his interim lover, as they enjoyed each other’s company, both emotionally as well as physically. They both knew that Julie would have to leave eventually, but she promised to stay put until Hilary returned. In the meantime, there seemed to be nothing else to do but to enjoy each other’s company emotionally and physically. Who knew when Hilary would be back, anyway?

It was Monday morning when she returned with Iggy in tow. According to Hilary, the two of them were engaged and just wanted to let her father know. Stacy flew into a wild rage and launched into some serious hand-to-hand with Iggy. Mr. Iggerson, however, turned out to be a professional fighter and knocked the wind out of Stacy with one punch.

That was when everything changed. Having been given a dose of his own medicine, Stacy turned feeble. After he had recovered from his embarrassment, he expressed to Hilary that he had been a bad father, controlling her for much too long. He promised to let go of his dictatorial control over her and she would be free to marry Iggy if she so desired. Hilary was so touched by the show of her father’s emotion that she dumped Iggy on the spot and hugged her father with tears.

The change was evident in Hilary for days. She was smiling again and laughing. She was also sharing her life with her father openly, things she enjoyed and things she didn’t.

Stacy was mystified at the change. What had happened to Hilary? Julie explained it best. “Before Iggy, you were a steamroller of a father. You lavished on her everything but a little loving kindness. She needed you, but you didn’t need her. A girl – even a daughter – likes to feel needed.”

To top it all off, Hilary decided to move back in with her father. When she arrived at Stacy’s apartment, she was a different person.

Comic59 - JulietJones3
The Heart of Juliet Jones by Stan Drake – originally published in 1962

“What,” she said with a grin and luggage weighing her arms down. “No welcome home sign for the prodigal daughter?”

“No time!” shouted Stacy as he ran to help her. “Give me those bags, honey.”

Together they sat on Hilary’s old bed. “It’s been a long time, Hilary,” Stacy said gently as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“We’ll make up for it, Dad,” Hilary replied, feeling once again like his little girl.

Julie stood out in the living room, her heart melting over what she was overhearing.

Hilary was going on. “And you’ve got to knock off that diet of humble pie, Mr. Bell. I was pretty rotten, too, you know.”

It sounded like they were hugging. Maybe there were more than a few tears. “Shh, no more talk about our pasts,” Stacy was saying in hushed tones. “Your past and my past. Not another whisper.”

That was Julie’s cue to step away and quietly slip out the front door. This was where it had to end. Stacy had his daughter back.

Out on the street, a taxi was waiting to drive Julie to the train station. She paused on the busy sidewalk to close her eyes to capture the feeling one last time. She had fallen in love, only briefly, but it had happened, and she was grateful for every moment with him. Her heart already had a hole the size of Newark when she missed him. And she already did.

As she turned to get in the taxi, she heard her name behind her and the clacking of shoes on the pavement. She turned to find Stacy.

“Julie!” Stacy said, embracing her tightly. “You’re leaving?”

“I have a whole town to get back to,” Julie shrugged. “It’s where I belong. You and I, Stacy, we… we come from two different worlds. I need to get back to mine.”

“I have you to thank for all of this.”

“No,” Julie protested. “Hilary changed out of her own free will. And you got your daughter back.”

There was a long pause as he held his arms around her hips, never wanting to let go. The autumn city breeze wafted tenderly against their faces and hair.

“What is it?” Julie asked.

“I love you, Juliet Jones,” he shot point blank. “I doubt I’ll ever find anyone quite like you again.”

Tears welled in Julie’s eyes. How long had it been since a man had told her that?

“Kiss me,” she responded. “Then kiss me again so I’ll never forget.”

As their mouths met fiercely, a familiar fire grew in intensity between them. Soon she would be gone and with the silence, her fear of the unknown would return. But she would face it bravely, for she knew that although they had arrived in that place where love and romance reigned supreme, neither one of them could stay there together. They were just too different.

But in that one kiss, the moment reigned supreme. And Julie forgot herself, lost in the dizzying kiss of a trucker who had swept her off her feet.



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  1. Ooooh nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew the time for her to go back home would come but I didn’t want it to come! Can’t wait to see what will happen next ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D.A. Dave says:

      Thank you so much for your comments, Anda. I am so happy you can binge on my writing! That always makes me smile! 💖 Yes, this was sadly the ending for them and the conclusion to this story. As I followed the original story, and mixed my own ideas into it, I realized that these two were on a one-way collision with breaking up. It was inevitable. Julie is just not a city woman who can deal with a CEO’s fast-paced lifestyle. Of course, in the end, we had to end the family drama, so Hilary turned around completely, but sadly, Julie was left a single woman again. Don’t worry. She’ll be back soon with another love interest, but the next story features her sister Eve. Coming soon. 😊😊


  2. jupitergrant says:

    Oh, Julie. I so wanted she and Stacy to be together in the end, but nonetheless it’s still a really lovely and positive ending. Lovely work, Dave. I’m looking forward to your next series 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D.A. Dave says:

      I know what you mean. It’s hard to make these stories have a romantic happy ending because the original creator wanted to have an ongoing series of these types of romances for both Julie and her sister Eve. Still, I wish Julie would have her own happy ending. The next one is all about Eve. Thank you again for reading, lovely Jupiter! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. jupitergrant says:

    You’re very welcome. Yes, I see what you mean. You have to be true to the original. I’m really looking forward to Eve’s story 🙂


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