To the truth

Comic29 - JulietJones2
The Heart of Juliet Jones by Stan Drake –

Later that afternoon, Eve drove down to the town hall in search of Pelion. She was wondering how she was getting along and if she needed a friend for an hour or two. Eve was starting to like her. Surprisingly, they had a lot in common – the fiery, vivacious energy of a go-getter that is never satisfied until the final outcome becomes her outcome.

Eve had some ideas about where they could go to let loose, teen ’60’s Devon-style, if Pelion wasn’t already bored to tears with Julie’s song-and-dance tour around the historical sites of town. Julie meant well and all, but Pelion was a party kind of girl, and although she was closer to Julie’s age than Eve’s, Pelion played like a hipster.

Eve slipped inside the door to Julie’s office to find the place as always – spic and span, sparkling clean and organized, the way Julie liked it. Not a single plant on the tables out of place. The room smelled like a fresh lemon-scented candle.

“Hi,” Eve said, bouncing in on her sister. “Where’s Pelion?”

Julie smirked as if sharing a secret with Eve. “Took a walk with Dundee Greer.”

Eve giggled. Now, what were those two going off by themselves for? “That was a real classic case of hate at first sight, wasn’t it?” Eve commented to Julie. Julie grinned her agreement.

Meanwhile, as Pelion trudged through the snow and rugged terrain in her heels, she began to like these woods less and less.

She came around a bend and as she lifted the branch of a tree, a cloud of snow powder blasted about her. “Now, where in the world does this bosky path lead to?” Pelion asked Dundee who was quietly making his way through the woods like a stealthy ninja of the forest.

He turned his head back as he hiked on. “To the truth, Ms. Van Every,” Dundee stated plainly.



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