Into the woods

Comic28 - JulietJones2
The Heart of Juliet Jones by Stan Drake – published in 1961

The late afternoon was getting cold after the snowfall. Still, Devon was a peaceful place away from the hullabaloo of city noise that so often distracted people from enjoying a quiet life free from distractions. The air felt chilly but refreshing. Pelion liked it here. So far, she’d seen the best of people who lived here – Juliet and Eve Jones, two of the kindest souls on earth. Why, if she were to settle here, she might cast her lot a stone’s throw from the Jones sisters.

As she followed the clearly demented Dundee Greer on his wild goose chase, she found herself among the paths of a forest frosted in white. This place was off the beaten path from the “map of the stars” where Juliet had taken them all over Devon earlier.

Pelion felt a chill breeze brush over her like a sensual lover, slinking inside her jacket and stroking her taut nipples. She lifted her lapels on both sides and tucked herself in. She didn’t have to announce to herself how ravenous she was for a man’s touch in just the right places, but to say it to others was impossible. Instead, the naughty thought tucked itself away inside her heart, waiting to unleash, someday, someday soon.

Definitely not with Dundee Greer.

“Where are we going?” she inquired as Dundee marched up the winding path like a field guide on a deer hunt.

Dundee turned back and sneered at her, leaning on the branches of a large oak. “No trailers on this feature, Miss Van Every,” he muttered. “Of course, if you’re bone tired after a ten minute walk…”

Was it only ten minutes? It felt like a day had painstakingly lapsed. And what an arrogant…

Pelion whipped her face to him. “You have a real flair for obnoxious innuendo, haven’t you? And I’m not tired,” she added. “Merely curious.”

“And cautious, too,” Dundee added of his own. His face was darkened by shadow. “You don’t like me, and you’re just the least bit frightened of me, aren’t you, Miss Van Every?”

“You’re fifty percent right on that remark,” she retorted. Ha! Scared of him! Pelion wanted nothing more than to punch his supercilious lights out. “Well?” she demanded as she walked along the path. “Are we continuing?”




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